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 Just like members of a human family, dogs are often seen as a part of the family unit. Many people throw birthday parties for their pooch, buy clothes, toys and treats for them, regularly get them cleaned and groomed, and even get dog portraits solely featuring their dog. Dog paintings are just another sure-fire way to show your pet that they are just as important as the rest of the members of your family. Read on to discover why dog portraits can be a fun and loving gift for your home and/or loved ones.

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 dog portraits Bella
Dog Portrait of Bella

Dog paintings are a unique way to commemorate the love you have for your dog. An artist painting your dog means that the picture was done with the love and attention to detail that only an artist can create. Getting dog portraits will forever hold the memory of your pooch in that moment, on that day. When your pet is long gone, you will have a permanent memory of the loving, playful, joyous companion that faithfully stayed by your side for so many years.


Dog painting of Baxter

Dog Painting of Baxter as a Puppy

A couple other fun reasons to get dog paintings include: A birthday gift for the dog owner, or a holiday gift for family and friends to enjoy. Owning a dog is a wonderful and stress-relieving luxury, so surprising the owner of a dog with a portrait of their beloved pet would be a wonderful way to show how much you know they love their dog. A dog painting can also be done to hand out to all your friends and family around the Holidays, just like proud parents do with their children's school photos. Do not forget that the entire family can be included in these types of portraits as a bonding experience for everyone.


Dog Portait of Shih Tzu

 Dog Portrait of Shih Tzu

The best comparison of why a dog painting is the perfect family item, is that it holds the same consideration you would give when getting your children school portraits or when you get a family portrait painted during the Holidays. A gift like a painting just shows that you value a life so much that you'd pay to have their likeness painted so you can always cherish it.


 Painting dog with turtle



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