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 A Fitting Memorial to a Beloved Companion

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 There is no more unselfish relationship than the one a pet has with the pet owner. Pet owners benefit from the relationship in so many ways that when a pet passes on, the owner may be devastated and overcome with intense feelings of loss. People without a pet rarely understand the depths of grief that arise from such a profound loss. Pets provide companionship and joy, and bring structure to an owner’s day. Pet owners experiencing this great loss frequently want a memorial of the relationship with their departed companion.

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pet memorial


There are many forms of pet memorials, from decorative stepping-stones that can be placed in a garden to beautiful urns designed to hold the pet’s ashes after cremation, but none brings to mind the true joy the pet brought to the owner better than pet memorial portraits do.

Pet memorial portraits, commissioned from a photograph of the pet in its prime, are one of the best ways to help with the intense grief. A pet’s priorities may include chasing a ball in the yard, rolling a ball of yarn across the floor, or just sitting on the owners lap. The pet’s facial expression and body language during these favorite activities may be among the very things the owner loved best about the pet. The artist will be able to capture the pet’s most beloved characteristics from a photograph that the owner has lovingly selected.

horse memorial painting

Pet paintings can capture the twinkle in a mischievous pet’s eyes or the glossiness of the pet’s freshly washed coat. The very best paintings seem to capture the essence of the pet’s personality. A good portrait will never be mistaken for a generic animal, and it is always unmistakably a portrait of the beloved pet.

Paintings commissioned as pet memorials can bring comfort to pet owners in the depths of grief, and later serve as a joyful reminder of the happiness that is a pet’s greatest gift to an owner.

misty cat memorial

Pet paintings can be proudly displayed as original works of art, or they may be brought out only for private moments of reminiscence. Either way, pet portraits are a source of joy and comfort to the grieving owner.

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