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A snapshot grabs a moment in time that is a reminder for those who were there when it was taken. A painting brings out the personality of the subject and evokes a feeling from any viewer. Pet portraits painted by a professional artist are lasting keepsakes. Snapshots get put away in albums. A painting gets placed in a special spot in the home, and a new element is noticed every time it is viewed.

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pet portraits dog


Pets are now considered as members of the family by more people than ever before. That is why pet portraits are a forever gift that is very popular and perfectly appropriate for every person who has ever loved a pet. Portraits of pets can be completed by a the artist from photographs. The artist will bring the painting to life, making each portrait unique.

portait cat in basket

A pet portrait done using artist quality acrylics will last for generations with no special care. Modern acrylic artist paint is manipulated to convey a rich and vibrant portrait of a beloved pet that is alive with color, shape and texture that no photograph can emulate. There is a vast difference between a pet portrait painting completed by a real artist and a photograph printed on canvas.

black horse portrait

An artist will work with the person commissioning the painting. The background, pose of the pet and other elements will all be worked out before work begins. Usually a rough sketch is done as a precursor to how the painting will be brought together. A live sitting with the artist and pet is not necessary. A beautiful painting can be completed in many instances from a single photograph though having more reference photos makes it easier on the artist.


dog painting of baxter

A real pet portrait painted on canvas is available in many sizes from small to large. Each finished canvas is a standard size that can be mounted in ready-made frames to suit the decor of where it will be placed. Paintings can be displayed on everything from a decorative easel to holding a place of honor on a wall. A fine pet portrait painting is a perfect gift for that hard to buy for friend or family member or as a gift to yourself.


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