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Cats often become part of the family.  They have an intelligence and personality unlike most other pets.  The bond between family members and the cats in the home is often hard to describe or accurately record with just photographs.  Cat portraits painted by a skilled artist can help to preserve the memories of the cats in the family.  There are several reasons to order personalized cat paintings today.


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 cat portraits




Capture a Distinctive Feline Personality 


Every cat has a distinctive personality. Some are very grounded and spend time curled up with the family. Others are inquisitive and spend time testing boundaries and exploring every part of the home. Some felines are fussy and want everything done a certain way. Explaining this personality to others can be difficult especially if friends and family did not have a chance to meet the cat. Cat portraits by an expert artist can capture all the details of this unique personality for everyone to see.  



white cat portait


Make a Gift for Friends or Family 


Some friends and family grow very close to a cat in the home.  It is not always possible to visit or spend time with the cat after leaving.  Cat paintings make a good gift for these individuals.  The paintings are more personal and emotive than simple photographs.  Portraits can keep a feline present in the life of a loved one even if they cannot visit personally. 


painting cat with ball


Create a Memorial to a Special Feline 


Many cat owners have fond memories of a feline who passed away.  Photographs rarely capture the personality and the life of the cat.  Cat portraits are a way to create a touching memorial to a special pet.  The portrait can be painted by hand based on photographs.  The artist will be able to create a portrait that really describes the cat as an individual and as part of the family.  The portrait can be hung to remind everyone who enters the home about the cat. 


 portait cat in basket



Remember a Special Moment in Time 


The relationship many people have with cats is complex and emotional.  There are often special moments between pets and owners that help to define the relationship.  An experienced artist can create cat paintings that act as reminders or mementos of that special moment.  It could be a homecoming after time in a hospital, a meaningful holiday or even a birthday.  A hand-painted portrait will preserve that moment in time for everyone to enjoy. 


Decorate the Home 


Most people who own cats have a home full of toys, pictures and other items dedicated solely to the pet.  Ordering cat portraits is an elegant way to decorate the home without forgetting about the feline companion.  The paintings are made with soft colors and realistic tones.  They will fit into any room.  Framed portraits of a beloved cat will fit in naturally along with other paintings. 


Get All Cats in One Portrait 


A single household could have many cats passing through over the years.  Some cats might not have been present at the same time.  Something unique that can be done with cat paintings is to combine several different felines into the same portrait.  Artists can create a composite so that all of the cats from over the years are together in the same painting. 


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