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 by Jeanna Nelis

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Equine owners feel passionately about their horses, whether they favor Western or English, Dressage, Hunter Jumper or cross country the love is one and the same. The connection with our majestic and tolerant champions comforts the soul, and brings ours lives into better focus. It has frequently been noted that the exterior of a horse is beneficial for the interior of a individual.  

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 Chestnut horse portrait

A Horse Portrait is a way to commemorate this passionate and friendly relationship in a honorable fashion that is both graceful and profound. My desire is to grant people the opportunity to possess an original painted portrait of their beloved mount that is exquisite and timeless.   


Horse Painting in Barn

Horse Portrait Painting Process 

The relationship between a horse and owner is extremely special. It is based on a unique combination of love, respect, and trust. To capture the individual beauty and grace of a horse, an owner should consider commissioning a horse portrait. The following are several things to consider when hiring an artist to create a portrait.

black horse painting portait

Getting Started 

Choosing an artist who will bring out the unique personality of your horse is the first step. A competent artist would be someone who not only loves horses, but has a connection to them. Most artists have websites showcasing samples of previous horse portraits they have completed. Make sure that I have done portraits of the type you are specifically looking for. Just like painters and photographers of people often specialize in certain types of work, so do animal artists.


Shetland pony horse portrait



The Process
Do you want a side view, a head shot, or a picture of you and your horse together? Perhaps a picture of your horse in motion will capture the horse's true personality. After deciding on a picture that will become your painting, the next decision is to choose a particular photograph of your horse that I will use. You will need to decide if you would like an abstract background or the background that is in the photo for your horse portrait. 

Most horse paintings are done from a digital or printed photo. The photos should be of the largest size your camera can take. I can also work from a hard copy of photo as long as the photo is large enough and clear enough. This will be the basis of your horse portrait and will partially determine the quality of your finished horse portrait. I can not paint what I can not see. 


 A proof will be sent you via email to give you a visual of what the finished horse portrait may look like. Changes can be made at this point in regard to background this point. Please see my proof policy. Once a proof is approved there will not be an opportunity for any more changes and you will accept the portrait as it is. If you do not approve the proof before or after changes are made, a full refund will executed. 


The final horse portrait will be stretched. A dust cover will then be added on the back to extend the life of the horse painting. Your portrait will arrive to you already with mounting eye pieces and wire ready to hang. 

Time and Cost
The time and cost involved in completing a quality horse portrait varies considerably, starting at about 4 weeks. The cost of a 11” x 14” acrylic style from A Painted Pet will start at $199. A 16” x 20” costs $299. Other sizes may be available upon request and must be quoted individually. Completion time will vary based on the quality of the photo supplied to work from. 


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